Whitewater Ontario Membership Registration


Whitewater Ontario Independent Members


Whitewater Ontario Independent membership registration (Non Club Members). You will also be offered add-on packages such as a discounted Rapid Magazine subscription for members and the purchase of an annual camping pass (single and family) for the Minden Whitewater Preserve. 

Already a WO Member and Want to Purchase a MWP Camping Pass


If you are already a Whitewater Ontario or Whitewater Ontario club member and you wish to purchase a Minden Whitewater Preserve Camping Pass you may do that here. The fee for the Family Pass is $150 and the fee for the Single Pass is also $150

Whitewater Ontario Waiver for Signing


This is the updated Whitewater Ontario Waiver that has the exclusion for infectious diseases. It is required that all participants sign this in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Whitewater Canoe Kayak Slalom Coaching Program


Registration for the Whitewater Ontario Canoe-Kayak Slalom program.

Participation is subject to availability and all interested parties are asked to send an email to WO competition director larrynormanc1@icloud.com expressing interest and to arrange registration.

Participants must be a member of Whitewater Ontario or another Provincial or Territorial Canoe Kayak Sports Organization.


Payment is due 7 days prior to the start of any visiting summer sessions.

CKC COVID Screening Form / Formulaire de dépistage CKC COVID Configuration


Canoe Kayak Canada's daily Covid-19 attestation and agreement.

Canoe Kayak Canada's attestation et acceptation journalière concernant la covid-19