Whitewater Ontario Membership Registration


Already a WO Member and Want to Purchase a MWP Camping Pass 2022


Camping at Minden Whitewater Preserve is for Whitewater Ontario Members who are actively pursuing the sport of whitewater canoeing or kayaking. If you are already a Whitewater Ontario or Whitewater Ontario club member and you wish to purchase a Minden Whitewater Preserve Camping Pass you may do that here. The fee for the Family Pass is $195 and the fee for the Single Pass is also $195. If you wish to register as a WO independent member you may go back and select the WO Independent Membership 2022 and register both as a member and select a MWP camp pass additional package during the process. You must be a WO member before you purchase a MWP camp pass. 

Please keep a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase. 

Whitewater Ontario Independent Members 2022 (Non Club)


Whitewater Ontario Independent Membership Registration (non club)

When you login in for the first time, you will be asked to set up an account which can be re-used each year. Once this has been completed you will proceed with your membership registration and select whichever package suits your needs. Note that head of family and additional family members must set up their own account and register individually. Additional family members must live at the same address as the head of family. Additional family members will be asked to provide the name of their head of family member during the registration process.

You will also be offered add-on packages such as a discounted Rapid Magazine subscription for members and the purchase of an annual camping pass (Single, Family) for the Minden Whitewater Preserve. Please read through and acknowledge the online waiver and Rowan's law. 

If you are also a WO Club member, you will be asked to provide the name of the club. 

Please keep a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase and verification of your WO membership status.