Banook Canoe Club Membership Registration


2021-2022 Membership Registration


Welcome to Banook Canoe Club's 2021-2022 Membership Registration.

Membership is from 01 May, 2021 to 30 April, 2022. Banook does not offer prorated memberships.

In this section you will select the type of membership you are purchasing (Family, Individual, Senior, etc). You can add Boat Storage, if required, to any membership type.

Once you have completed this section, you must go to the Paddling Program Registration to register your paddlers in their programming.

The options you will find in this registration represent what we hope to be able to provide this year.  Our options may change as Provincial guidelines change.  If we are unable to offer an option for which you have registered and paid, you will receive a refund.  

Running programs and keeping the Club open during this time and with the restrictions imposed continues to come at a cost, for this reason we have again eliminated the Volunteer fee but have had to replace it with a COVID-19 surcharge of $50 per individual membership and $100 per family membership.  This is necessary to be able to cover our expenses and keep the Club alive over the winter.  

Once you have chosen your registration options you must select "PAY NOW" to complete your registration. If you do not receive an email confirmation, your registration is not complete, please contact

Payment may be made in a lump sum for the full amount of your programming or in 3 equal monthly payments, due Aug 31st, Sep 30th and Oct. 31st. Payment should be sent by e-transfer to 

If paying lump sum, the entire amount must be paid by Aug 31st

If paying monthly, equal payments must be received on schedule. Banook reserves the right to refuse paddler's participation in the program if payment is not made following the schedule Aug 31st, Sep 30th and Oct. 31st.

No refunds will be allowed after Sep 15th, 2021 without a medical exemption in writing.

Thanks for your patience and support as we continue to make our way through this unusual time.

2022 Winter Paddling Programs


Register for 2022 Winter Paddling Programs (04 Jan 2022- 02 April 2022 = 3 months)

Welcome to Banook Canoe Club's Winter Paddling Programs!

We are happy to be able to offer a winter program to our athletes. Due to ongoing COVID-19 public health measures that place constraints on our operations, we will have to limit group numbers and to stagger some of the group's training days.  Practice times noted below are expected, though could change in response to program needs, COVID protocols (if restrictions change) and coach’s discretion.

Masters $105 - A group of members who have a lifelong love for paddling and enjoy the tranquility of an early morning or evening practice on Lake Banook.  (Times: M,W,F 5:30-6:30am; M-S 8:30-9:30am; M-F 6:30-7:30pm).

Development (cap - 40 athletes) $225 - available to all athletes born on or before 31 December 2010. 3 hours per week for fitness and to stay connected to the club and our sport through the off season. (Times: M,W 6:15-7:15pm and Sat. 11:30-12:30 or T, Th 6:15-7:15pm and Sat. 11:45-12:45)

Bridge (cap 30 athletes) $330 - available to all athletes born on or before 31 December 2009. Athletes registering for Bridge for the first time must contact our paddling chair at for approval before completing registration. 5 hours per week to learn to train, fitness and hopes of life long paddling and as a bridge to more serious training with a targeted program. (Times: M-W,F 4-5pm and Sat. 10-11 or M-W,F 5-6pm and Sat. 11-12).  Bridge Athletes born in 2006 or earlier (15+ years of age) are charged GST on program fees (=$379.50).

High Performance $450 - for our High Performance athletes and are by coach invitation. (Times: M-F 6-7:15 am, Sat. 9:30-11am, M,T,Th,F 4-6pm).  HP Athletes born in 2006 or earlier (15+ years of age) are charged GST on program fees (=$517.50)

All athletes are required to practice in their assigned group and time. All times may change due to coach availability and scheduling conflicts. Athletes will be placed in a specific group by the coaching staff.

COLD WATER POLICIES APPLY.  ALL athletes must adhere to CKC Sprint Code of Safety

PROOF OF FULL VACCINATION STATUS must be provided by all program participants at the beginning of winter session (unless provided already for fall program participation), along with a signed consent form permitting BCC to retain this information in case required to provide the records to public health officials.

BCC tries to keep the cost of programs as low as possible for its members. The registration fees do not entirely cover the expenses associated with running the programs and the true cost of programming is subsidized by other Club revenue.  When we have short term closures of the Club due to COVID, the expenses associated with the programming remain.  For this reason, we are unable to offer refunds or pro-rated fees for the time the Club is closed. Without the fees paid by athletes for off-season programming we cannot pay our employees, pay the insurance that covers the Club or pay the costs associated with the building itself.  For these reasons, in the event that the club is once again required to close due to COVID, refunds will not be offered and monthly instalment payments will still be due on time. We thank you for your understanding.

You will need to complete this registration for each paddler you intend to register, one at a time.  To make sure each paddler's registration is complete, you must select "PAY NOW" to complete your registration.

Happy paddling!