Banook Canoe Club Membership Registration


2021 Winter Paddling Programs


Welcome to Banook Canoe Club's Winter Paddling Programs!

What an exciting Fall Program! We are happy to be able to offer a winter program to our athletes. Due to ongoing constraints on our operations as a result of COVID-19 however, we will have to limit group numbers and we will have to stagger some of the group's training days.  

All athletes are required to practice in their assigned group and time

BCC tries to keep the cost of programs as low as possible for its members. The registration fees do not entirely cover the expenses associated with running the programs and the true cost of programming is subsidized by other Club revenue.  When we have short term closures of the Club due to COVID, the expenses associated with the programming remain.  For this reason, we are unable to offer refunds or prorated fees for the time the Club is closed. Without the fees paid by athletes for off-season programming we cannot pay our employees, pay the insurance that covers the Club or pay the costs associated with the building itself.  For  these reasons, in the event that the club is once again required to close due to COVID, refunds will not be offered and monthly instalment payments will still be due on time. We thank you for your understanding.  


Happy paddling!