Cheema Aquatic Club Membership Registration


Learn to Train (Ages 12 - 15)


Our Learn to Train program is an introduction in the sport of Canoe Kayak at a beginning competitive level. Participants will learn to develop focus, take direction, and develop work ethic. The focus in Learn to Train is to build basic paddling skills and abilities; learn to paddle with proper technique building proficiency in singles and crew boats, build endurance and develop speed and strength. Participants will build these skills over 12 months, preparing them to be introduced to racing. The program is targeted towards the ages of 12 - 15. This program includes the Summer Program. The program offers 5 sessions a week.  

Prerequisite - Identified by Summer Coaches

Cost:  $2150 (Program $1975, Capital Building Fund $25, and Clothing Kit $150)

Pay In Full Price - $2150

PAD - 1st Installment $200, 10 monthly payments of $195 (September 1 to July 1)

Foundations - Fall/Winter


Foundations is an introduction to sport, involvement in sport, and a start to building self-confidence in sport.    Participants will develop multi-sport skills, such as, swimming, running, age appropriate strength, coordination. As well as specific Canoe Kayak skills; technique, balance and boat control, hand-eye coordination agility, and flexibility. Participants will learn these skills through fun and play in a supportive group atmosphere with the aid of our coaches. 

Foundations Fall/Winter is a 5 month program targeted towards participants between the ages of 9 - 12 years. The program runs from September through to the end of January.  Foundations Winter/Spring will be available for registration in January.

Prerequistie:  Must have participated in our summer program.

Cost of this program is $465 for 4 sessions per week.

Development High Performance (Ages 13 - 16)


Development High Performance is a year-round program designed to teach athletes how to train, set goals, race and improve overall performance. Participating in a more disciplined training program of 7 to 8 sessions a week, with an introduction to swimming sessions, ski camps, Florida training camps as well participation at Nationals. Participants will continue to build on technical, endurance, speed, and strength capabilities on a more committed level. This program includes the Summer Program. The program runs 7 - 8 training sessions a week.  

Cost:  $2225 (Program $2050, Capital Building Fund $25, and Clothing Kit $150)

Pay In Full Price - $2225

PAD - 1st Installment $245, 10 monthly payments of $198 (September 1 to July 1)

High Performance (Ages 16+)


This program will see athletes training at the highest level under the guidance of the head coach. The head coach will develop a performance pathway with each athlete on an annual basis. Expectations are full participation in scheduled workouts, training camps; Florida training, ski camp, swimming as well as participation at local, national and international competitions. Athletes may not attend this program on a part time basis. Any absence from training is the responsibility of the member (except provincial/national team training).

Cost:  $2275 (Program $2100, Capital Building Fund $25, and Clothing Kit $150)

Pay In Full Price - $2275

PAD - 1st Installment $275, 10 monthly payments of $200 (October 1 to August 1)

Masters - Winter


This program will keep you in shape over the winter months. A "personal trainer" environment will help keep you fit for your sport of choice whether it's paddling, golf or any other sport you may enjoy! All are welcome to try 5 sessions, commitment free. Please print the registration form from our website and submit it to the club. Program fees are indicated on the registration form.

Program runs from November 1 - April 30

Cost: $420

Paddle All - Fall/Winter

Transition - Winter


Program Criteria

The goal of creating this program is so Cheema can offer the opportunity to our transitioning athletes to stay fit and stay connected throughout the winter months.  Gym time will be communicated after registration.

Program runs from November 1st to April 30th.

* Must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 25 or until *Masters eligible
* Must be a former Cheema member.
* Registration and Waiver of Liability must be completed before participation.

Program Fee - $300